About Us

   logo2 Exotic skins, ostrich and crocodile leather tannery.

 Etgar leather industry ltd was established in Israel in 1980.

For the first 10 years the company was a major supplier of High quality garment sheepskin leather to the local market Garment manfucatures.

During this time the company developed top quality products And supported the prospering leather fashion garment exports At the highest international standards.

During the 90’s,when most of the garment manufacturing industries Shifted from Israel to the far east, the company had to adjust Its operations and find new products and markets.

Since 1995 Etgar leather is producing top quality ostrich skin leather For handbags, shoes, garments and upholstery and exporting to Europe, Asia, Africa, north and south America.

Etgar leather is specializing in top quality crocodile skin leather production and committed to the  highest tanning and finishing standards.

Etgar leather  today is a private owned tannery, producing mainly exotic skins and using the latest tanning and finishing technologies on very Carefully sorted raw materials of Ostrich leather, Sheep, Cow, Goat and Crocodile Skins.